I always knew deep-down I was a two-stepper, but I never fully had one of those, “Oh yeah, I am a two-stepper,” epiphanies until this morning. I was making the transfer from the L train to the E train and there I was, completely two-stepping (or taking two steps at a time when going up stairs) and I started thinking, “Ok, what does this say about me that I two-step?” I’m always in a hurry. I have little patience for “steps” in general, which can have ugly implications obviously in other realms of “life”. But I also started looking around at who else was two-stepping and the only other person I noticed was another short-ish dude, so I then thought, “Do I two-step, at least partially, because of my size?” I’m definitely short-ish, I don’t have the longest legs in the world, do I two-step because I physically can’t cover as much ground single-stepping as the average person? Hmm. Maybe in my cute-short-way I’m just trying to say, “Hey, wait up. Don’t count me out because I look like I’m twelve. You see! I beat you up the stairs. Haha.” Wow, I’m really depressed all of a sudden, um.



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4 responses to “two-steppers

  1. I two-step like you wouldn’t believe, and I entirely own the fact that I do it to be competitive with other stair-climbers. If I’m able to get up those stairs fast, then, by golly, that’s what I’m going to do. I have no patience for single-steppers in front of me. If you were blessed with legs, you should be able to use those to their best purpose, and that’s taking (at least) two at a time. Unless you’re tiny.

  2. I two-step all the time, and I’m pretty tall. I look twelve, though, so maybe your theory is true. I’ve always said that I two-step because I hate going up and down stairs and I want to get it over with as soon as possible.

  3. hqnpn

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