The Train’s Comin’ Guy

Sometimes when it’s cold out and I’m waiting for the J train for a bit too long, it’s late, and 94842300_094e3e338c1.jpgI’m slightly under some influence, whathaveyou, I get inhabited by this old man (who I imagine might be homeless or down-and-out in some way) that hangs around the J train, and acts as a sort of subway cheerleader. When the approaching train becomes just-visible in the distance, he comes alive, he jumps up and makes an announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, the train’s comin’!” His voice is sort of hillybilly-ish, he doesn’t have a lot of teeth, but he definitely has a lot of train-fervor. “Hey everybody, gather ’round. I got an announcement to make. The train! It’s comin’! It’s what we’ve all been waitin’ for all these yees.” His message is always entirely hopeful. And once in a while between the shouting, he can even get soft and touching: “I just love when the trains comin’. I get filled with all these ‘motions I can’t explain. Me and the train, we go way back, we do.” And as the train begins to pass him, he whispers to it: “You know me, don’t ya?”

I may be wrong, but I think the ‘Train’s Comin’ Guy’ lives in all of us deep-down. This simple, tired man that’s just so happy the subway’s coming, he has to shout about it, tell everybody. Like I said, I may be wrong though.


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  1. oatmeal

    I’ve even seen this man slap high-5s to everyone on the platform.

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