weather pessimists

133bk-ffs.jpgWe all know people like this, it’s usually someone at work, you go up to them all happy cause it’s Friday, “Oh, it’s so nice out,” you say like a school-child, but they quickly interject sniffly, in between sips of chamomile or something, “Yeah well don’t get used to it, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.” And as your eyes get all sad cause you were planning some bird-watching trip or whatnot, you can just make out a tiny smirk on their face, cause, I swear, they get some sick satisfaction knowing they were the first person to ruin your weekend plans.

Yeah, weather pessimists, honestly, not a big fan, just cause some bad news I’d rather find out on my own. It’s not like they really have some secret information ( desktop alerts) that’s not readily available to everyone. I mean, yeah I’m aware it’s going to dip below zero overnight Stephie, yup, all of the snow’ll probably turn to ice, yeah I know, it’s not gonna be fun tomorrow morning, but please Stephie, let me retain some hope quietly to myself. That’s all I have sometimes.

What was that Steph? Yep, that’s true, it is the wind that kills you. Um. Yeah I gotta go downstairs for a…what’s that? Oh sure yeah I can pick you up some tea. Chamomile, right, got it. Oh, no that’s fine I can cover you. No problem. No problem at all.



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2 responses to “weather pessimists

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  2. Patrick Koo

    But what about when someone says you need to wash your car all condescending like you’re lazy and have no self-respect for yourself or belongings. And then, you hit them with “Gonna rain all week..doosh.” Is that acceptable?

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