This is probably pretty common, but I find that when I go to a new restuarant I try make sure to go to their restroom, just cause I find the layout of bathrooms interesting (aren’t I really eclectic?). You know, what do they have on the walls to look at while you pee, where’s the toilet-paper in relation to the toilet, is it maybe on one of those free-standing racks (I sort of like those), what does the flush sound like, is it nonchalant or more like a jet taking off? eb043691_sign-employees-must-wash-hands-6-x9.gifAnd then you try out their hand-soap, does it have a smell, fruity or minty, what sort of mirror do they have, where is the paper-towel dispenser in relation to the sink, or do they have one of those hot air drier things, all these sorts of things. It’s like taking a tour, a bathroom tour, then you zip up, and go pay the check, or make your boyfriend pays. Yeah!



Filed under bathroom stuff, throwing it out there

2 responses to “new-bathroom-routine

  1. Jimmy

    “zip up” or button up, as it were…

  2. oatmeal

    That reminds me, you owe me $7.34-Plus tip!

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