leaving a message (in a crowd)

I find when I’m walking on the street and I call someone but I get their voicemail, I’m slightly embarrassed to leave a message, you know, surrounded by all those strangers. Do you get this too? It’s like a twinge of hesitation, I’m all ready to leave the message but when I hear that beep I suddenly dip in volume, “Hey uh…this Matt…” I’m practically whispering, “I uh…just wanted to see what you were up to…” blah blah blah. And thinking about it, I’m not embarrassed because I don’t want someone else to hear my conversation or anything like that. I’m embarrassed cause the act of leaving a message says something about who you are, and, in a way, it’s a sign of weakness.

Ok, so on the simplest level, you set out to do something, to connect with so-and-so, and essentially you failed, you got their voicemail. It also tells us that the people you call have other more important things to do than answer your phone calls. In the cell-phone hierarchy, I’d much rather be a call-receiver than a call-maker, not to mention an unsuccessful call-maker, i.e. a message-leaver. Unconsciously or consciously, in my mind, no one wants to show weakness in public even on the most subtle level. So sometimes I think I decide not to leave a message and pretend as if I was only listening to a voicemail (which tells people around you that you’re in fact a call-receiver, which is the best). Crazy world, or I’m just crazy? Little bit of both?


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