sizzling dishes

I always thought it was slightly funny: you’re at a Chinese restaurant or something, drinking tea, eating fried rice, everything’s pretty mundane, and then all of a sudden the waiter comes out carrying a sizzling dish and WOW, a hush falls over the entire place, you know, everyone’s wide-mouthed, little whispers of “ooh, it’s sizzling” and “I wonder what she ordered?” are in the air, and we all just watch super-intently as the waiter delivers the dish (presumably from God himself) to the lucky table-recipient.

rp_2_sizzling_beef_steak_12.jpgAs you may or may not expect, my mom just loooooves sizzling dishes.  Loves em.   Yeah I’m pretty sure she’d order anything as long as it’s sizzling, an old shoe maybe. “It’s a new twist on a old favorite!” she might say, slurping down a shoelace like it was spaghetti. And I’m all hiding my face of course cause it’s embarrassing, right, when someone at your table orders a sizzling dish and suddenly all eyes are on you.  That’s why just to be safe I ask the waiter, “Is this dish sizzling?” and usually his eyes would light up, “Well it could be” and I just shake my head, “No thank you,” and they get sad, of course, but they can just sue me, really, is how I feel about it.

Tiny addendum: The only thing worse than sizzling in my mind is when it’s someone’s birthday at your table (or maybe yours God forbid) and just when you’re all having some serious-esque conversation about abortion-rates, whathaveyou, the waiters start stamping out of the kitchen in a line wearing awkward grins, holding a cupcake, clapping and wailing, “Happy Birthday to you!” like it’s gym-class (people from other tables start clapping along, multiple babies are crying, it can all be a real mess. for real). Don’t you think? 


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One response to “sizzling dishes

  1. Andrew

    This one’s been brewing for a while. I’m glad you got it out there.

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