Ok, so what am I supposed to think? I just got a haircut yesterday (and it’s been a while so it’s pretty noticeable), and I come into work this morning fully prepared for the open-forum, you know, where coworkers make half-comments about how it’s so short, how they almost didn’t recognize me, I look five years younger or older, blah blah blah. And I’ve sort of accepted this ritual as unavoidable. In a way, (and I hate to admit it) 070219_britney_vlrg_6awidec.jpgI’ve almost come to rely on it, reserving judgment about how I think the haircut went, until I get some audience reactions, and can make a more informed decision.

But today, something strange is happening: for the most part, people are just pointing at my head and saying, “Haircut!” and then walking away! They’re not indicating whether they think it’s a nice haircut or a nasty haircut, they’re simply letting me know that they’re aware of my haircut and moving on. “Yup, haircut, you got me,” I jumble together awkwardly, not really knowing how to respond.

Are people simply adhering to the ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say’ policy, or is it now completely acceptable just to point something out without leaning either way? Is the acknowledgement the important thing or is the opinion the important thing? And where do you draw the line? Can I point to someone’s feet and say “New shoes!” or at their face, “New nose!” What if I pointed at Stephie’s thighs and said “Liposuction!” (we all know she got it done while she was in the “Caribbean”).  I tell you, it’s a crazy world, no foolin’.


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    “New post!”

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