Oh man, I hate tucking in. I just, for some reason, when I’m all tight and tucked, I find that I turn into this weird version of myself, you know, uniform1.jpgI’m even more reserved than usual, I can’t really look anyone in the eye, I speak in small useless words (I say “Yep” a lot for some reason) basicaly I feel so vulnerable and out in the open, mostly cause, let’s be honest, there’s really nothing between my lower region (which inevitably looks all bloated and awkward) and the rest of the world.

Maybe I have some fear of being an adult, youngest-child-syndrome or whatnot, but seriously, I long for the days when I never have to tuck in again (I dream about it), when I can be free a la Peter Pan (he couldn’t tuck anything into those tights anyway) and comfortably tucked-out, maintaining at least a hint of mystery around my torso for crying out loud (I find that I rely on a certain degree of mystery and shapelessness in my daily wear, in fact, in everything I do). Wow.



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3 responses to “tucked-in

  1. oatmeal

    This is a window into your psyche that I’m not sure I’m ready for….

  2. Yeah for real – it goes along with the reason that I never wear a watch (cause it makes my arm look too short).

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