the bump

I was walking from my apartment to the Lorimer subway stop, as large trucks bobbed up and down amidst the potholes, and I got thinking about “the bump.” It was mythical when I was about nine, well I guess it was literal back then, but it’s mythical for me now: school-bus.jpgI took the bus to school everyday in Merrick, Long Island, and there was this unmarked bump on our route (the fact that it was an unsanctioned bump made it that much for exciting for us young tikes) but it only really became “the bump” when a certain light was green and the driver was able to get enough speed going over it. Matt Sherman would stand look-out (remember he was the kid that vomited once every year in class) and if he saw the light green he would alert us squeakily, “It’s the bump!” and we’d then stand up on the seats and start jumping up and down (our driver that year was way lax btw) we’re all smiling at each other, giggling with anticipation, and then BAM we’d go over the bump, sheer pandemonium, the smaller of us (me) would go flying, I hit my head on the ceiling of the bus once, but it was so worth it! Oh I miss the bump. I miss the bump big time. Well, what can you do? Poop.


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