Ahh, the number 4…

Yeah so a couple of things I’ve done in my life make me go, “Ahh, I’m pretty proud of that,” you know. Hey, I try to be a humble guy forthemostpart but a few things just involuntarily make me smile, blush, etc. Well, one of those things is when I taught myself to write my fours with a closed-pointy top (see picture). Ok, so it was circa 2nd grade, number-4.gifthe sky was black, it was storming (most likely), I was probably doing math problems as I was wont to do back then (well I didn’t want to, but that’s a different story, wow) and I guess I was experimenting with my fours, and POOF I found one I liked (see picture). Ok, so you’re probably thinking mundane-city, right? Well, yeah, but what’s slightly interesting is that I distinctly remember thinking to myself that writing fours this way is going to feel strange at first but like ten years from then, it’s going to feel completely normal. I knew sort of that if I started something like this early enough, it will eventually become second-nature. In other words, I was so insightful for an eight year old it’s just ridiculous. But all joking/kidding aside, this is so how I write my fours now! Of course people mistake them for nines but who cares, they’re mine. I got in there early while my hard-wiring was still going on, and yeah I’m pretty proud of jumping on that opportunity, I can’t lie. Btw, 2004 was sooo my favorite year since 1994, and I’m almost jittery for 2014! Fours!

What’s your “fours” equivalent?? Come on, everyone’s got one!



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3 responses to “Ahh, the number 4…

  1. My four is the number eight. I used to write it in one motion, but it always looked squished and off-balance. So when I was maybe 10 I started writing it as one circle on top of another. Next year is going to be awesome!

  2. oatmeal

    I cross my 7s. Thats right I said it.

  3. Patrick

    The 4 looks much better with the right line is nice and tall.

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