the night (oooh!)

Ok so mothers are the worst culprits of this, but we’ve all done it probably: attribute unexplainable marks on our bodies to “the night,” you know, “Oh I must have scratched myself in the night,” or saying “I must have slept funny” to make sense of some neck pain you didn’t feel the day before. And I just wanted to call attention to “the night” as one of the last great mysteries in our night2.jpg(forthemostpart) dull, explainable existences. During the day, things just happen blah-ly, cause-and-effect is still in play, “Oh why are you limping?” “Because I stubbed my toe on a mailbox,” andsoforth. But “the night” is wow, anything potentially could happen (and it does!), there’s tossing and turning, scratching, most likely, half-talking in odd sleep-languages (“muh batubuh floop?” etc).  Basically for eight hours or so we all go on vacation to dreamworld while our bodies are left on their own without a babysitter, and yeah they misbehave a little, get in weird positions, scratch and claw things for unknown reasons, I think it’s pretty exciting stuff, don’t you?  Nighttime!  (oooh!!)


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  1. Patrick

    I find I can think much better at night. Is my brain overheating in the day like overclocked computer processors with no fan? I wonder

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