Famous Monkey Wednesday #1

Ok, yeah, so I got bored of Vice Presidents, I’m sorry. Didn’t you though too? I think I found the good ones, if not, someone else will I’m sure. But this is something brand new, a brand new act, so to speak (it was Ricky’s idea, some of you might have surmised).

dunston_checks_in.jpgThis week’s Famous Monkey is: Sam!

Why is this monkey famous?: Sam, an orangutan, starred in “Dunston Checks In,” a popular children’s comedy from 1996. Sam as “Dunston” was trained to be a jewel thief by his owner, Rupert Everett, who brings him to a five-star hotel, havoc ensues and, um, I don’t want to give it away, but deep down Dunston wants to go legit, ok I’ll stop. Rent it!!

Where is this monkey now?: In 2004, Sammy and Geri (the monkey he had another monkey with) found their way to the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Flordia, where they live in a domed habitat with lots of fun things to do, according to the website: “Sammy enjoys enrichment activities – especially painting.” What a monkey!


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One response to “Famous Monkey Wednesday #1

  1. oatmeal

    The power of monkeys has spread to you. It is your time. Don’t hide away from the power, harness! Harness! I commend you.

    I thought It was a little pitchy at times, though, dogg.

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