serious poll

Ok, on a scale of 1-10, how uncomfortable do you feel when taking a poo next to someone else in an adjacent stall? I’m really curious seriously, a lot depends on this.128499.jpg

(As for me, honestly, I have to say I’m probably a 9 or even a 10, yeah, which is pretty embarrassing. You might think at my mature age I should be totally fine with making rancid noises and/or hearing someone next to me make rancid noises, but alas, no, I find the whole operation pretty weird, borderline-dehumanizing, despite the near-assurance of anonymity…)

What about you??



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11 responses to “serious poll

  1. bobbo

    3 – maybe a 4 if I expect noises.

  2. oatmeal

    9. Seriously. I just experienced this and hid in the bathroom untill everyone vacated. (Including myself).

  3. 2. Maybe 3. If there’s a potentially uncomfortable situation like, maybe, my boss is in the stall next to me, I tend to me more entertained than distressed.

  4. Wow – what confident poo-ers…

    I think I’m less nervous about what sounds/smells I might produce and just feel violated for some reason by having to do this business at such close proximity to someone else – pooing time for me is one of the few times during the work day that I can relax, escape, and all of that is shattered when someone else sits down, lets out one of those pre-poo sighs and SPLAT…

    But let’s keep up the conversation, don’t be shy…

  5. 8 at least. In fact, I try to time my bowel movements so as to avoid this very situation.

    Of course, many of the bathroom stalls I frequent these days lack doors, and people aren’t always as polite about not staring as you’d expect. Occasionally, I encounter a bathroom that is just one long communal trough that everyone squats over, and I try my best to avoid this when I can (especially if there’s no slot available upstream).

  6. Ricky Price

    Wow Chris, wow.

  7. Greg Yo

    I have to say, the sigh / splat always makes me crack up. So I’m probably a 2 or 3 in that respect, like Larsy. I have even, at times, and depending on the volume of the sigh or splat, actually said out loud: “WOW.” That’s got to be pretty upsetting for the 8 or 9 poo-er, come to think of it.

  8. My friend Tyler thinks the ultimate test of intimacy is the ability to poop in front of someone you love. Personally, I think that’s gross.

    I range from a 5 to a 10 depending on many factors.

  9. JR

    I’d say an 11, maybe a 45.

    I cannot poo with another person in the room. I find a private bathroom, or hold it in til I find a semblance of one.

    I even run the faucet when I go in a private bathroom.

  10. I’m totally in line with JR, I was going to say 25… possibly 5^e100(87[66]), but 25 is about right.

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