Lately, yeah, I’ve had this weird dream problem where – ok, I’m dreaming about something normal, walking down the street or whatnot, but as soon as my dreams start to skew off into the fantastical, for example, I’m walking down the street and suddenly encounter a giant flying yarnball asking me directions to the nearest meatshop- my mind immediately rejects my dream and I wake up! It’s as if my brain is like, “Nah, sorry I don’t buy it. Yarnballs? Get serious,” and I’m quickly pulled ball-of-yarn-1.jpgout of crazyland back into hot-bedroom-land! Yeah, I’ve turned into this boring, literal dreamer all of a sudden (I never thought I’d say that), and it sucks, it plain sucks. I understand people that can’t suspend their disbelief in the waking state but come on, dreams are all about weirdo, exploding bluebirds and, I don’t know, Finnish scientists walking all slanty, spaceships morphing into goats – I want my yanrballs back, I’m not kidding. Bring back the yarnballs please, I’m suffocating – I can’t – I just – I can’t dream about the coffee-machine at work anymore. Or stamps. Help me please. Help me find my yarnballs again. Yarnball. Blehh.



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4 responses to “weird-dream-problem

  1. I’m a very mundane dreamer as well. But sometimes I have these really long dreams where everything is totally crazy and makes no sense and I wish I could just wake up and start over. It’s not like the Neverending Story or Dark Crystal or anything fantastical (or from the ’80s) – it’s like watching a bad experimental thesis film for two hours. I wake up the next morning exhausted. At least in your dreams you probably wake up knowing exactly how to brew the perfect pot of coffee.

  2. This is exactly what happens to Harry Potter in Order of the Phoenix. Do you think the yarn ball represents the Dark Lord? Are you a Death Eater? I don’t even know you…

  3. chucky g.

    finnish scientists?! now i’ve heard everything!

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