play of the week #1 (so far…)

So here’s what we have so far, it’s crazy-town, for sure…

Francine: Ok Miffy, just, cool down there, I mean, there’s surgery, there’s always that, but there’s also, um, life beyond the whole this here and now, you know what I mean?

Miffy: How can you say cool down? I look like a used condom

Francine: You do not. Listen, don’t freak: it’s just a growth! That’s how hands started! Why go to the doctor?

Miffy: Jesus Christ, France. I have knapsack hands!

Francine: Knapsacks that can’t hold anything… though.

Miffy: Very profound. Thank you.

Francine: Sorry, I just – I’m trying to accurate here. I’d say they’re more like mittens gone awry.

Miffy: France, don’t be mean. Don’t be mean right now. I need you to get me to … to get me to … I don’t know. Oh God. I can’t even pray.

Wow. So keep adding if you feel the urge – and remember, new characters can show up, you can simply add a stage direction (Miffy bites her lip a little too hard) or even start a new scene – you get the idea. woo!!!


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  1. Mysterio X.

    Miffy: Very profound. Thank you.

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