the second-elevator-press

Am I the only one that gets sort of insulted when you’re waiting for the elevator (having already pressed the down-button) and then someone else comes by, and even though it’s clear the button’s been pressed (it has a red tint) they still press it again! They tap it quickly as if they’re saying, “Uh…maybe it didn’t register the time you did it…” At first I thought it was an OCD thing, that this particular person just had to be part of the elevator-button-pressing process or else they’d shrink into a ball of nothing, whathaveyou. But, no, it’s happened way too often with such a diverse amount of people that it’s clearly some gross human-nature glitch plaguing a good portion of us (not me), argh!

But, anyway. What I love to do lately whenever “it” happens is to give “them” this subtle look (I’ve been working on) that says, “Wow, that was a waste and I’m embarrassed for you…” Ask me sometime, I’ll do it for you, I can use the practice.

Slight overreaction? Nah… (have good weekends, woo!)



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One response to “the second-elevator-press

  1. Riley

    Maybe after they push the button. You should reach over and push it again?

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