play of the week #2 (final)

“Opening Up”

Josh and Colin stand over a closed casket in a funeral home, filled sparsely with old people, children playing nintendo, mothers wrapping up leftovers, etc…

COLIN starts to open the casket, but JOSH quickly grabs his arm.

Josh: Not the best idea.

Colin: Why?

Josh: It’s messy.

Colin: Which part exactly do you mean by ‘it’s messy? ‘ Like the blown off head part or the death in general part? Just curious.

GERRY enters, plugging in a boombox.

Gerry: Joshy, which knob says volume?

Colin looks at Josh confused.

Josh: What? That’s just Gerry my cousin from Toledo. (whispering) He’s blind.

Gerry: (loudly) HEY JOSHY…

Josh: Coming Gerry, one sec. (to COLIN) Dude, write a poem or something, just, keep away from the box, please.

JOSH goes over to help his blind cousin.

COLIN opens the casket. Women scream. Some old man says, “Holy the Christ!” and there’s just basic pandemonium.

Gerry: (to a white-faced JOSH) Yikes. Is Tina Turner here or somethin’ Joshy?

The End.



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2 responses to “play of the week #2 (final)

  1. Emily

    Matt, you need to update your blog already.

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