Constantly Amazed Dpt.

This may be “old hat” but I’m still constantly amazed at the lengths that certain men go in public to let women (they think are attractive) know that they in fact think they’re attractive.truck.jpg

For example, I was getting in at the Lorimer stop subway crossing the street next to a nice-looking-gal in a green sun-dress, right in front of a guy in a really large semi-truck. Granted, he was stopped at a red light, but this did not deter him from honking his loud horn a few times (step 1), then taking off his seatbelt (step 2) and actually opening the passenger door to his truck (step 3), inviting the female to join him on his journey to the depot, the quarry, or wherever he was headed.

And all of these whistles, these anguished male-cries of “Damn!” and “Baby you kill me” in the direction of sassy women, make me think these come-ons are more about courtesy, the acknowledgment of a woman’s got-it-going-on-ness rather than real attempts at courtship (or even good old fashioned intercourse). Yeah, ovbiously I’ve never been a victim of a hoot or a holler (and probably never will be), but isn’t there something refreshing and almost expected about this primitive form of appreciation? I, for one, want to see what these heteros will do next! Or is this business just completely debasing and offensive? Nonetheless, for me, it constantly amazes.



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4 responses to “Constantly Amazed Dpt.

  1. I have to say I agree with you. I’d love to get a little hoot or holla on the way to work, and yet I’ve never met a girl who liked it. Women! Who needs them? (babies).

  2. chucky g.

    um, i believe i gave you both a hoot and a holler when i visited and you were wearing that zebra print tube top. as for ricky, maybe if he wasn’t big gross, things would be different. but he is. the end.

  3. One time Desi and I were walking down the street and a guy rolled down his window and yelled “Boobs!” We had a pretty good laugh about it.

  4. Emily

    Dest, you guys do both have really amazing boobs.

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