play of the week #3

Ginny: No no I can’t date Craig, nope…

Dan: Why not – things were going ok I thought…

Ginny: No yeah but we were on the subway and he pulled out one of those word search puzzle books- apparently he does them all the time…how can I date someone who still does word searches, you know?

Dan: Wait, what??


So what’s next folks?  Keep the play alive!



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2 responses to “play of the week #3

  1. Ginny: They’re the easiest things imaginable! Word searches are reserved for the fringes of age – little kids on road trips and geriatrics with nothing left to live for. If Craig’s still doing word searches, he’s either got the mind of a child or he’s already given up.

    Dan: Wow – you’ve given this a lot of thought.

  2. Hi, um, is this site up for auction? It’s like a ghost town on here. I’ve got some developers interested. Let me know. thx.

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