handicapped-bathroom guilt

As far as I can tell, there isn’t anyone disabled that works on my office floor, yet I understand, of course, at any minute, one could pop up out of thin air. You know, POOF, “Oh, hi nice to meet you,” I would offer politely, maintaining eye contact obviously, making sure not to look down at their useless legs, (wow, insensitive). Yet until that happens, ada-symbol-access-for-charlotte.jpgonce in a while, when the other stalls are occupied or if I feel like I need an extra bit of breathing room (always), yeah, I might “use” the handicapped stall (is that still PC?).

Nevertheless I always feel slightly bad about it, embarrassed when I come out of the stall and someone sees me, even though they’re not disabled themselves (yet what if they have an effed-up son at home?), etc. But should these stalls remain empty if no one really needs them, as almost-monuments to disabled people everywhere, or is it appropriate to jump-on-in, as long as you’re quick and clean about it?

Heck, we have one of those handicapped-buttons on our exit doors that when pressed opens the door for you instead of having to be pushed (oh the burden), and countless “normals” push them every darn day! Just something to stew upon, I guess. Woo, hope your summers have been swell, sorry for the ridiculous hiatus…



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2 responses to “handicapped-bathroom guilt

  1. Emily

    Um, if you were a woman, you wouldn’t ask this question. I guess now I know for sure. Skippy.

  2. Emily, are you saying women are handicapped? Thats out of line.

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