tidbit time!

Yep, it’s tidbit time, you guessed it right, cause how else do we get to know one another (cough) than by sharing little itsies about our lives, painfully, bit by bit, woooo!

marc.gifSo, today’s tidbit: when I was 5, maybe 6 years old, about the age when one starts seeking out nicknames for oneself that one hopes will eventually stick and become increasingly more eclectic as the years pass, I really wanted everyone to start calling me Skippy.

The reason I wanted this nickname: I thought the neighbor-character from the sitcom, Family Ties, pictured here, and also named Skippy, was simply super-cool and hilarious (which he was!). But alas and probably thankfully the name never stuck, and all I ever got was Matt, or Matty briefly in High School (COUGH) – which are both about as eclectic as a wet-paper-bag, but what can you do?

Ahh yes, tidbit time is over, yargh!



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2 responses to “tidbit time!

  1. Don’t you like when I call you sugartits?

  2. Eric

    Hey! I’ve been calling you Matty since the first hour we met. If I had known I wasn’t throwing enough nickname variety your way I would have been more creative. Can I call you Sugartits too?

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