just warbling… (heck yeah)

Um. Lard is pretty funny. But butter, ehhh, you know, it could be funnier. And. Acorns. Yeah. They’re not the funniest either, to be perfectly honest. But pine cones. Yeoow! For some reason, they’re pretty darn, they’re just, they’ll make you chuckle no doubt about it, 1spi-30746.jpgespecially if they’re caught in your beard! Wow! Because, just imagine for one darn second, um, you got a big ol’ beard, bearwithme, and you’re rolling around on the ground, it’s autumn (of course) – leaves are about, they’re, some might say, leaves-are-a-plenty, and when you stand back up, wha-oh! What’s that? Pine cones in your beard! OMG! That’s wow, that’s hilarious! Not one, but two! I can’t, um, that’s never been done before, I don’t think. Never. At least not for a long long – many years time. Well we’ve been coming up here for two years, so at least not since then. Um. You just, you my friend have stumbled upon a sincere funny. Just amazing. Just.

Best time of year, hands down. Just. Heck yeah.


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Filed under throwing it out there, warbling

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