oh yeah, I only really watch one tv show

I just realized that i always say this. I’m always like, “but yeah I hardly watch tv at all (snicker snicker), I really only watch one show, blah blah blah, ” and I’m usually talking about Lost, but it’s all a delusion! I just finished watching the final American Idol episode, well the final one where they sing, you know, oh gosh they were pretty good this year don’t you think, i totally miss the guy with the dreads though, yeah he was super cute but in a masculine way, oh shit, did you see the one where the girl had to start her song over, (laughing) I was so embarrassed for her, I know she does sort of look like she’s from the ’60’s, STOP IT! I’m not who I say I am.

And last night (gulp) we watched the season finale of Gossip Girl. No it wasn’t cause there was nothing else on and we were just flipping channels and happened to land on the CW at 8pm Eastern when the remote ran out of batteries and we didn’t have any replacements, plus the new “HD” tv we got doesn’t have channel-changer buttons on the unit itself and we couldn’t even turn it off cause the power button doesn’t work (it was the floor model), not to mention the plug was totally stuck in the wall, we couldn’t pull it out, owww, I think I twisted something.

No it wasn’t like that at all. We planned to watch it! We even made popcorn! In advance!! But yeah I can’t believe two characters came out at once, I know I wish they were more important characters with better hair, Blair’s my favorite too, she’s so conniving but like brutally honest at the same time, no I’ve always liked her, me too, yeah he always looks like he’s tired, AHHHHHH! I’m a junky and I just wanted to formally apologize to everyone. Truth is: I watch multiple tv shows, i just pooped my pants, and I’m about to watch last week’s episode of Lost again on ABC.com.



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16 responses to “oh yeah, I only really watch one tv show

  1. susana

    me encanta la cerie nunca me la piredo y amo a los actores.jajajaja…

  2. i love gossip girl!!!! its amazing:]

  3. i hope serena and nate will be together and vannesa and dan chuck and blaire…… and jeny??? who know… ha ha butt definatly all the other ones!!!! hope it happens!!!:]

  4. i hope serena and nate will get back toghether and vannesa and dan will be toghether and then blaire and chuck and jenny???? who knows ha ha maybe some hott guy maybe… ha ha but hopefully this will happen:]

  5. gossip girl is my inspiration.Please, come to Indonesien Net and serena

  6. Rachel

    olaa como vaum?
    conversem comigo entrem no meu blog me add no msn e no orkut ok?

  7. Gracy

    oiii eu voh bem i vc?
    vamo combina de se encontra?
    onde vc mora?
    passa seu e-mail para conversarmos o meu eh gracy_annelise@hotmail.com
    tds q lerem me add ok’s?
    josBei* [<~ d+ neah?!]

  8. adeline

    gossip girl c’est la série de l’année elle est trop bien !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Et les acteurs et actrices sont super

  9. ritha archuleta

    oh………. i hope Blair and Nate will be back together, Blair is so beautiful……. and nate is a pretty boy…..
    blair must be with nate……
    and serena, sometimes a good girl have to be lose.
    so, let Blair to be the winner……….
    BLAIR……. BLAIR…………… N BLAIR……………………..

  10. polyne

    blair is a good and beautiful girl and nate is a gentle and good-looking boy, i think they match each other…..

  11. *Gossip Girl dipendente*

    I love chuck

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  13. tallyta cunha


  14. jessica

    ela é muitoo linda *————–*
    eu amooo elaa (:

  15. Great article! I bet a lot of work went into this post.

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