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I’m Back!

That’s all. Just wanted to say, “I’m back!”

Was toying with saying, “I’m back, baby!” but at the last minute pulled the “baby” for safety sake. Oh, nothing likely would have happened, but you can’t be too careful in this space these days. The “baby” flecks someone in the eye, the next thing you know: lawsuits, serious-looking men knocking on your door, dragging away your microwave. Did they have to drag it? Was it that heavy? Ugh.

Nonetheless, I’m baby! I mean, I’m back. Holy shit. I’m rusty. (I thought he was back?) Can’t a guy be two or more things at once. Rusty, back, utterly powerless when it comes to heating up leftovers, etc. The point is: this blog is back in business and I need to go price out a new microwave. Talk soon, baby.


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