I was thinking about writing some slightly-culturally-insensitive post about those subway ads for Trolman, Glaser, and Lichtmanlatinos2.jpg, you know that law firm which specializes in representing Latinos and that has the phone number, 1-800-Margarita (not to be confused with 1-800-Tequila). I was gonna write something perhaps-ill-advised like, “Why isn’t the number 1-800-pinatas?” or “1-800-julioiglesias.” But thankfully I found this comment entitled, “1-800-KISS-MY-ASS” on the NYC Rants blog that is way way better, enjoy:

Dear Trolman, Glaser, and Lichtman,

While I understand the use of mnemonic devices to help the public remember phone numbers, I must object to “1-800-MARGARITA”, the number listed for the firm in your Spanish subway ads. It strikes me as very unprofessional for a law firm to use such a silly, condescending number. Is this the only way you can think of for the Hispanic community to remember your number? To make it the name of possibly the only person in your firm who speaks Spanish? One who is likely some receptionist from the Bronx with three illegitimate children that handles the bulk of the case while having no business doing so? Would a Spanish speaking client even meet with Mr. Trolman, Mr. Glaser, or Mr. Lichtman? Three gentlemen, who I would guess, are not Hispanic, but nevertheless represent the “number one law firm for injured Hispanics”?

I’d like to see what phone number is printed on the business cards your firm distributes to your affluent, white clients. I’ll bet the farm that it’s not 1-800-MARGARITA.



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19 responses to “1-800-Margarita

  1. nelson

    I’m a hispanic new yorker and disagree with you, this firm has and is still doing more for the hispanic community than other law firms in the city of new york. They are helping the community in pro-bono cases in various legal matters, they sponsor hispanic little league teams and are also doing the same for the “white” clients they represent. In short, they stand behind Margarita and while she is the face of the firm, believe me everyone in the firm is pulling for the injured in nyc not only the hispanic community, but all ethnicities.

  2. Diaz

    The post against the ad is more condescending towards hispanics than the ad itself.

  3. JD MAN

    I must admit, I also find the ads a little offensive. I am a Hispanic attorney and it seems tacky at best and insensitive at worst. On the other hand, if it works, it works…

  4. flavio fajardo

    yo tube un accidete dentro un D&B en pittsburgh P,A y quisiera saber si pueden ayudarme con mi caso o recomendarme un representante

  5. Keith

    I was always under the impression that it’s 1-800-margarita because their spanish speaking secretary a long time ago was named, you guessed it, Margarita. So you could just call up Margarita, she’ll help you out. It wasn’t named after the drink or some awful stereotype. I find it appalling that someone would think to openly complain about this without just calling them first and asking. How hard would that investigation be? I assume you own a telephone…

    If only I wasn’t 3-4 years late…

  6. vicky

    Why she has to be from the bronx with 3 ilegitimate kids, why couldn’t she be a lawyer like the others,I think this comment is much wrost and even more rasist then the comercial has ever been, if this lawyers help the hispanic comunity then bless them, is more then we can all say about your comment discriminating hispanics.

  7. Ricardo

    Being an “hispanic” myself (I don’t like the term, but that discussion if for another post), I lived 5 years in NJ and found the 1-800-MARGARITA ads very funny, kitsch actually. Specially the TV ads, with people saying “esta crackeado!” (he is on crack!) But I always associated the word Margarita with the (female) name, not with the drink, and I didn’t see any offense on the name.

    Moreover, as a marketing tool, it really, really works! I left the USA five years ago and I still remember 1-800-MARGARITA!!! 🙂

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  9. NYC

    Read a book on the train next time!

  10. amador suarez

    Mi nombre es amador suarez, necesito ayuda. Necesito saber si puedo poner una demanda en contra de la ciudad o en contra de quien. Tuve un asalto, me quitaron mis pertenencias y me dejaron una herida en la frente y también daños sicologicos. La cicatriz que tengo en la frente a veces me da mareos dolor y otra cosas mas que me gustaría mas explicarselos en persona. Hojala me puedan ayudar y espero la respuesta pronto. Gracias.

  11. guadalupe

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  12. guadalupe

    por favor contesteme pronto, si son los gastos mas de los $ 20,000

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  14. this lawyers is a sucks & his attendace..sucks i just call them II

  15. jacobo

    Actually, the rant against the law firm is more ignorant, more racist, and more offensive. You should research what you are going to say before you say otherwise you end up looking like an uneducated ass.

  16. hb

    my good friend is a lawyer there – you misunderstand why they have that number. For years their receptionist’s name was Margarita; she was extremely nice, their customers formed relationships with her and got in the habit of calling and asking for her, so they made her name their phone number. It has nothing to do with race – just an employee’s name who their customers liked so that they could remember the phone number better.

  17. Georwin

    Tuve un accidente de trabajo el año pasado estoy con compensacion ya tuve 2 cirugía en la columna y falta otra quiero que peleen mi caso kiero cambiar de abogados

  18. Violetta mendez

    As I was reading your blog you strike me as an A,hole how could you try to make a point by speaking I’ll about this lady ,when I heard of the 1800 Margarita the only thing I thought was that’s her name,now you compared it to tequila even suggest pinatas it strikes me your an alcoholic thinking of party time and alcohol.if in deed this lady has three illegitimate children that’s not even business she’s a working mom and what’s wrong Margarita is a Hispanic name,it’s people like you that don’t allow the Hispanics to grow instead of making a nice comment to help the spanish community grow their she is to fuck up the day you owe this lady an apology,theirs your life sitting your fat ass in the couch eating chips and dip doing nothing, yet you took precious time instead of doing something productive you spend time writting caca.act like a grown up and send an apology to this women.
    Sincerely V, mendez

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